Fall Sales/Nursery Review: Watson’s Greenhouse and Nursery

They say you should always start big and no other nursery in south Puget Sound is as big or as well known as Watson’s.

Know for being a destination nursery, you can find this giant greenhouse after winding through the rural roads along the backside of Puyallup in Pierce County.


Watson’s Greenhouse and Nursery

What I love about this place is the beautiful plant material and the general layout of the nursery.  Shade plants are easy to find, shrubs are obvious, even houseplants have a central home.

The 2012 annual fall sale goes from September 6th through October 10th.  Every year the sale starts with The Puyallup Fair and end around 30-days later.  This year, enjoy 40% off of nursery stock and perennials.

The sale is always well-stocked and the plant material is in prime condition.  My favorite thing is that they aren’t shy about bringing in more plants during the sale and in massive quantities.  If I want 6 Heuchera ‘Marmalade’ they’ll have 20 in-stock.


40% Off On Perennials

What I don’t like:  We all know Watson’s is expensive.  In some cases, I don’t think the fall sale price would beat many of the other local nurseries at full retail price.  The “pro” in this situation, again, is the selection.  Fall sales are meant to clear our nursery stock before winter to most nurseries, but not to Watson’s, they keep bringing plenty of fresh plants in.

Watson’s also carries more of the newer varieties you read about in magazines, but you can’t find anywhere else.  You can shop for the latest trends or wait a year or two for the other nurseries to catch-up.


So many Heuchera choices…

I don’t like the staff either.   I’m not a fan of “snooty” behavior and I don’t understand the draw.  You’ll have a hard time finding staff for any advice and they’ll offer some good ol’ fashioned mental abuse when you get to the register, but the parking lot is packed with luxury cars.  Go figure.

On the bright side: The folks running the cafe are all great people.  You can find a nice latte, a pastry, and smile.  That little cafe is a charming oasis in the greenhouse located at the back of the gift area.


Beautiful shopping.

Will you find me shopping there?  No.  I can’t afford those prices for a garden installation and they don’t discount to wholesalers.  You may occasionally find me browsing and getting some fresh ideas with a latte in my hand.

Should you shop there?  Are you a plant collector?  Do you love to keep-up with plant trends?  Do you like to shop in groups as a social outing?  Then yes, you should absolutely shop there.  It is the nicest nursery in our area and it’s a lovely destination.

Watson’s Greenhouse and Nursery

6211 Pioneer Way East

Puyallup, WA 98371

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