Fall Sales/Nursery Review: Vassey Nursery

Local gardeners will tell you that Vassey is “Puyallup’s best kept secret.”  It’s the truth.


Puyallup’s Best Kept Secret

Vassey Nursery sits almost back-to-back the larger “rock star” nursery mentioned earlier, but many green thumb growers have never even heard of it.  Why?  Well, for starters, this nursery is located way back at the end of a dead-end street in the middle of a suburban neighborhood.

You have to drive down a long narrow road, turn left onto an even longer narrower road lined with perfectly manicured gardens of some fairly impressive homes.  When you see the rhubarb farm on the right, you know you’re close.  The entrance to Vassey’s reveals itself with a large and beautifully planted landscape.  You may drive right by it, at first.  Don’t be surprised if the view of the driveway is blocked by the next-door-neighbor’s large “bubba truck.”  It is Puyallup after all, but once you see the nursery, you’ll find yourself salivating to explore.


Vassey Display

I love this nursery’s perfectly kept yard.  It’s as clean as any place that sells dirt could be.  The displays are smart and thoughtful combinations of plants and garden decor.  I’ve found some of the color combos so interesting that I’ve used those hues in my own designs (shhh, let’s not tell them that).

What Vassey Nursery does really well is perennials, shrubs, and trees at fair prices.  They have a great variety and the plants are always in perfect condition.  They also have the same good solid staff that have been the regular working crew for years.  These guys and gals are all super friendly and quick to offer advice along with plant selections.

What I don’t like about this nursery is it ‘s hard to find.  I’ve been to this place 500 times and every time I’m driving down that road, I’m wondering if I made a wrong turn before I find it. I also think the annuals are overpriced.  Vassey’s carries the same growers that all of those other nurseries stock, but the prices are sometimes more than double.  Of course, those plants are still kept in prime condition.

Up to 50% off at Vassy Nursery

On to the fall sale going on now until the end of September: 25% off most of the plant material and 50% off selected items.  Vassey is also offering 25% off of the non-living items (pots, trellises, statuary, etc.).  Did I mention that the plants look really good?

Will you find me shopping there?  Maybe.  They don’t offer wholesale discounts that I need to keep my landscape installations under budget.  Occasionally, you will find me shopping for that one last specialty tree or Japanese maple.  You might see me there just to steal their ideas for plant combos.

Should you shop there?  Yes, you should already be shopping there.  Vassey Nursery is one of the very best spots in our region.  It’s genuinely worthy of your time.  Don’t forget to check out the planted landscape and super cool koi pond.  Plus, the little gift shop that you’ll find near the register is full of sweet little garden nick-knacks.

Vassey Nursery

2424 Tacoma Road East

Puyallup, WA 98371

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