An Ode To Pinterest


From the moment I clicked onto Pinterest I was hooked.  Yes, me.  A Virgo stumbling upon this virtual organizing system where I can make lists (boards) and place things (pins) neatly into their categories.  My online filing cabinet of magazine clippings.  I love you Pinterest.

I’ve also been begging for a tiny break in my schedule so I could try out the chalk-board paint revolution.  I found these vintage 60’s TV trays for a steal and I’ve been wanting to paint them up and draw lovely garden quotes on each tray.

There they are.  Before, paint drying, and doodled on.  I like them.  Hope you do too.

Find me on Pinterest: The Urban Gardener



Vintage 60’s TV trays cleaned-up and waiting.


Primer dried and first coat of chalk-board paint on.


Finished. Old TV trays chalked-up with some garden love.

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