New Shop Coming Soon

Greetings blogging world.

After three awesome years of operating my little garden antique store out of Sanford and Son Antiques in Tacoma, I have officially closed my location and moved out.  Taking down the fixtures and sweeping the floor one last time was emotional for me, but also a great moment to reflect on what the future holds.

I haven’t signed a lease for my new location yet, but I have some really exciting options and I can’t wait to finalize a deal.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reflecting and daydreaming about what my new space will look like and I keep returning to photos of European garden shops that I took 5-years ago.  These shots are my most current inspiration:


Paris nursery with plants spilling onto the alley.



Paris bulb season.  I love that my husband (pictured) never gets annoyed by my gardening passion.



Florence, the vendors show up street-side.



Zurich:  Love these little pots full of forced bulbs.


New shop address to be announced soon…

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