The Vintage Market in Tacoma

While my shop is in transition, I was honored to be part of the amazing Vintage Market at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show.

I knew that it would be difficult to run a full 10 by 20 space on my own, so I enlisted (begged) the fabulous Miss Summer from Millesime Designs.  Summer is a fellow Tacoma lady business owner and she specializes in repurposing found objects for the home.  Her style paired perfectly with my garden antiques.

Here’s a few photos of our booth over a 3-day period.  These pictures really show how fast we sold out of items, big and small, and how fast we were able to restock.

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3: (Did you enjoy those “spot the difference” games when you were a kid?)


Great show and thank you Summer for sharing the space with me and taking some great photos.  Thanks to JohnBob Cool Junk for inviting us and thanks to Joshua and Dave from Ironwood Remodel for coming in early and building our structure.

Don’t forget to check out The Urban Gardener on facebook for more show photos and garden tips.


*** This collection is being featured for a limited time at Millesime Designs in Tacoma.  Stop by before February 10th.  More info on this link.

One thought on “The Vintage Market in Tacoma

  1. Very cool booth! I was also browsing your post about bulb season, and I had to laugh about the pots of forced bulbs in Zurich! My hubby is Swiss, and every time we travel, he rolls his eyes at my over-enthusiasm at the seeds, bulbs, and flowers in every shop. Love it! (and smuggled Edelweiss seeds home to start!) 😉

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