The Ye Old Shop

May 1st!  Just a few short days away.  May 1st will be significant to me because that is the day I get the keys to my new retail shop and office space.  I’ve been finding some great garden antiques and vintage ornaments, but getting my desk and office out of storage is my top priority.  I’ve been a wreck with out my workspace.

As the day draws near, I find myself reminiscing about my old spaces.  I keep digging up old shots, both before and fully operating.  I miss my little shops, my two different spaces located on the middle floor of Sanford and Son Antiques.  I miss my little merchant family too.

Before Serentiy

Hannah, my old biz partner, evaluating the space before we painted and moved in. The former tenant had some strange paintings including a flower with “women parts.” Fitting since she hosted passion parties.

Vintage Garden Shop in Tacoma

From 2010 to 2011.

Tacoma Garden Antiques

New Digs, new hall, better traffic, and a window that opens. 2011-2012

Middle Floor at Sanford and Son

Feeling like the end of an era. I spent 3 years in this building. Time to move on.































I’ve moved out; Homeless, shop-less, and office-less since January.  On May 1st I get the keys to 600 feet of historic Tacoma urban space.  I get to have the one thing all Middle Floor Merchants dream of: street access and my own front door.

2 thoughts on “The Ye Old Shop

  1. Yay for you, Christy! Congrats on the new space. It sounds great. Looking forward to the Grand Opening.

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