10 Reasons Why We Should Buy Real Pumpkins

Real vs fake pumpkins

10 Reasons To Buy Real Pumpkins

What do you think of when you think of pumpkins? Crafts, Pie, or  Jack-o-Lanterns? Here are 10 reasons why real pumpkins should be part of your yearly fall routine:

1. Those yummy seeds!

Those roasted pumpkin seeds aren’t just good food, they’re good for you. Pumpkin seeds are packed full of vitamins and minerals like zinc that can help fight off a cold. Considered one of the healthiest super foods, pumpkin seeds are also know for boosting sex drive (boom-chic-a-bow-wow). Need I say more?

2. They come in so many varieties now.

OK, all of those cool varieties aren’t all pumpkins. Some of them are squash. Seriously, they come in white, green, hot orange, pale orange, bumpy, smooth, squished, stretched, really tiny, gigantic…

3. Speaking of seeds and varieties:

You can save your seeds and grow your own next year. Don’t you remember in 1st grade when your teacher gave you a dixie cup, a rationed amount of soil, and a big ol’ pumpkin seed? I do, and watching that big green stem push through the soil and unfurl a pair of perfect leaves.  I was hooked on gardening in that one dixie cup.

4. Family traditions start at the pumpkin patch.

You, the kiddos, and a big pile of pumpkins. That’s the kind of photo that gets framed and set on the mantel.

5. Every year is a new beginning.

You know what I’m talking about! That Styrofoam impostor never quite came out the way you thought it would and now he sits on a shelf in your attic waiting to come out every year and remind you of your bad butchering job.

6. Mistakes Rot Away.

Rotting pumpkins are the “cherry on top” of a compost pile. You’ve just added a mother load of shredded leaves (a brown) to your compost pile and now you need to add your fair share of greens. What’s a gardener to do? Add those jack-o-lanterns. Bonus: it’s kinda fun to watch them shrivel.

7. You’ve been accused of being a hoarder!

So your rafters are packed, your basement is crammed, your crawl space is stuffed. Every little corner of yours is storing something and you may even be guilty of wasting your life savings on a storage space. Nothing stores quite as poorly as a bunch of fake pumpkins! Save yourself, save your sanity, and go with the real pumpkins.

8. All of those beautiful gourds become beautiful food!

Halloween is over and those uncut squash transfer perfectly into fall decor and then again into harvest recipes. Mmmm, all of those tasty warm dishes!

9. Imported.

I hate to be the broken record here, but supporting minimum wage chain stores that sell discount foreign imports is never going to save us or our economy. The amount of oil burned to ship those products with the amount of chemicals in those fake pumpkins is a real bummer.

10. Farmers. ❤

You can save our farmlands, support a local family, and meet the person that grew your pumpkin. It’s no secret that our local farmers are struggling. You can visit this little rural paradise and introduce your kids to a real-life hero. That’s a pretty good deed and you can feel good doing it.

So try. Buy real pumpkins, buy local, save the world, save your family, or just have some good ol’ fall fun.

See you out there,



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