Channel Letter Craziness!

Tacoma Salvage Letters

Salvaged Channel Letters

N, L, e, T, A, i, a, y, o, m.

I just got a whole bunch of medium to small channel letters in the shop.  While they’re dirty I’ll sell them for $5 to $30 each.  Once I clean them up and fix the blemishes, they’ll go up to $10 to $40 each.  Stop by and see me soon in Downtown Tacoma. 11th and A.  Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Neon Letters

The Urban Gardener, salvage and antiques in Tacoma.

O, E, S, F, h, e, Z/N, S, N, R, L, O, e, Y

Tacoma Neon Salvage

Salvage at The Urban Gardener

B, U, M, S, t, L

Channel Letters

Vintage Neon Letters

r, B, L, R, O, o, R, F, d/p, i, l, e

1101 A Street, Suite 1, Tacoma.  Our website

8 thoughts on “Channel Letter Craziness!

  1. Hi Katherine, thanks for the note. I can ship out of state, but I have two big shows (vintage markets) that I’m working on right now, so I wouldn’t be able to really talk sales and shipping until after February 11th. I’d love to talk then, send me a note.

  2. Do you still have these? I have been looking for 10″ – 12″ with edges that are not too sharp as I want to use them on a candy table to spell YUM I don’t want any that are the same font. Thanks in advance.

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