Christmas for the Gardener

Gift ideas from my little shop in Tacoma.

Gift for the Gardener

Gardener’s Gift in a Bottle complete with a tractor ornament

Gardener’s Gift in a bottle contains one packet of seeds, seed starter coir, hyacinth bulb, garden buttons, seed bomb, chalk top lid with the canning jar, and really really good candy.

Garden Ornaments

Snail ornament and Sparrow Haitian Metal

Gnome Love

Mushroom Ornament and Garden Gnome

The Urban Gardener, 1101 A Street, Tacoma, WA. Thursdays & Fridays noon to 6, Saturdays 10am to 5pm.


10 Reasons Why We Should Buy Real Christmas Trees

10 Reasons for Real Trees

10 Reasons Why we should buy Real Christmas Trees

Do you struggle with fake verses real… Christmas trees?   Forget the reasons why you like them fake and create family memories while saving the world when you buy real.  Here’s 10 reasons why we should be buying real Christmas trees:

1. The Fresh Scent

You just can’t compare the real fragrance of a real tree. No candle, no plug-in, no chemical is going to replace real.

2. Family Tradition

Bundling up and packing into the family car to head out to the Christmas tree farm or the local tree lot. Even as a child, my most miserable moments are looked back with fondness. No matter how cold or tired, we were always rewarded with a big cup of hot cocoa, Christmas carols, and being together as a family. These are great memories to keep.

3. Support your city, county, and country.

Look for trees that are locally grown right here in your community.  Buying local supports local.

4. Support a Farmer

Trees are grown on farms as a crop. You may not like to see trees cut down, but I guarantee that tree was planted for the sole purpose of becoming someone’s family Christmas tree. It’s just like a crop of corn; planted to be harvested. What’s worse, farmers are becoming an endangered species. This is one group of Americans that need to be protected and supported by us, the consumer.

5. Your tree supported wildlife and an eco-system for around 7 years before it was harvested.

That’s right! Your freshly cut Christmas tree created a better world. It filtered pollution and protected baby birds. Now those birds have all grown up and moved on, but for a few years, your tree gave wildlife home, protection, and food.

6. Another tree will be planted in its place.

Christmas trees are farmed and once that tree is harvested, the earth will be plowed and sown with new baby trees. Those seedlings will grow and do good things for us and our environment even if it’s only for a short time.

7. You’ll save gas and oil.

The fuel it takes to ship those fake trees across the globe alone, plus the oil it takes to make the plastic a fake tree. Should I mention that this is foreign oil?

8. Trees compost perfectly.

After Christmas, tree branches can be cut away and used to protect tender plants through the winter. Trees can be chipped and added to your compost pile increasing air circulation so your compost breaks down faster. Many cities collect trees to be composted commercially.

9. You don’t have to store a real tree.

Basements, attics, and closets be free!!! No more awkward box (that you know that fake tree never fits back into) to cram into your precious storage space.

10. Every year brings anticipation.

It’s romantic and old-fashioned to shop for a real Christmas tree. There is nothing special about dragging out a fake tree, going insane while you try to get the lights all to work, and photographing the exact same boring old tree. We’re on social media, we’ve already seen your tired old plastic “noble fir.” Nobody hires professional photographers to capture that moment, but everyone loves to see you and your kids all dressed in cute winter gear outside in the tree lots with big smiles and tons of anticipation.

See?  A few fallen pine needles and waterings are worth it.  Real trees are good reducers, reusers, and recyclers.  Look for local, look for farms that grow organic, and whenever possible, meet your farmer.  Thank him for me while you’re at it.

See you out there,