The Super Soggy Gardener

Pacific Northwest friends, I know you are just as tired as I am of this nasty constant downpour.  My very best rain gear is getting it’s booty whooped. That’s OK, because we shouldn’t be out in our gardens right now.

One thing we have going for us, is our dry indoor oasis.  Now for our soil, that’s another story.  You can see the warning signs.  Look for the worms (ooohh, the poor wormies).  They’re crawling up the walls of our houses to get away from the wet soil.  They’re drowning in masses.  It’s very sad and I’m not even kidding, because worms are our soil warriors and they aren’t doing so great.

This worm state of emergency is our biggest indicator to stay off our soil.  When our lawns and gardens are so darn saturated, even a few footsteps can cause soil compaction and damage to your soil that will show up in the spring.  Our plants little roots are drowning right now too, and there is nothing you can or should do about it.  The best thing you can do is to stay away.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Check out this article by the Washington Post: click here or search for yourself.  It ain’t pretty folks, but we just need to ride out the storm and let our soils get some drain time before we venture back out into our gardens.

Rainy Window

Looking through the window at Clover. Clover is the name of my truck, not the name of my weeds.

Here’s a helpful list of things you could be doing while we wait out the storm:

*Clean and organize your seed starting supplies.

*Seriously consider inventing worm protection housing to be used in the garden during rainstorms.

*Clean and sharpen gardening tools.

*Order umbrellas and heavy duty stands to rescue soggy Rhododendrons.

*Tune-up garden-mobile.  Change the oil and vacuum out all of the loose potting soil just once this year.

*Check greenhouse and potting sheds for leaks (but stay on the garden path when traveling to and from such structures).

*Build an Ark.

*Consider adding a greenhouse and potting shed to the Ark.

Happy super soggy season friends.  Stay dry and stay off that soil.


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