The Garden Industry Today

Somebody forgot to tell the wholesale garden suppliers that people are buying again.  Tell them that people are ready to have a nice yard and they want nice plants.  Anyone?

Bring Back Our Plants

Bring Back Our Plants

Just 5 short years ago this same wholesale nursery was jam-packed with a large variety of plants.  The recession closed half of the nurseries in my Pacific Northwest and reduced the supply at the survivors.  This business is still hanging on with less than half of it’s greenhouses growing.   What it used to be is the local hub for professional gardeners.  This place was a tricky navigation between the who’s who of the landscape industry trucks and sprinters.  It was alive with workers, contractors, baby ducks, and honey bees.  Now, this:

Wholesale Nursery Despair

Wholesale Nursery Despair


This is also the explanation for the lack of plants available to people like me who are shopping.  This is the reason why our landscape  jobs are taking longer than anticipated.  This is just a little insight for my day-to-day.  I’m so grateful for this busy season and incredibly hopeful that this nursery will return to it’s former superstar status.

Happy gardening.   Things are changing for the better.


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