Voting Season

Hey blogging friends, It’s voting season here in the social cyber world.  I’m asking for your votes and I’ll make this quick.

#1. The Chase Mission Main Street Grants awards several small businesses $150,000 to help fund business growth.  What would this grant mean for me?  It would mean I can hire a few full-time employees and grow my shop into bigger better space that would be open more days a week.  It would mean new landscaping equipment and a crew, so I can take on more jobs and I could spend more time designing.  A grant for me would be an investment in my business and community.  I only need 250 voted to be considered.

Vote for me by clicking on the picture below:


#2.  It’s back!  The annual King 5 Best of Western Washington contest. I would be honored to have your vote in the “Best Home and Garden” category.

Here’s the link that will take you to King 5 to vote:


Thanks for your consideration,


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