Cheers to 2015

Photo run down:

1. A sweet score of vintage treasures for the shop from my good friend Bruce at Heavy Petal Nursery.

2. Don’t you just love the old truck at Windmill Gardens? ❤️

3. Fall displayed in antique urns. The Urban Gardener’s pop-up for Park(ing) Day.

4. Available at the shop now, this amazing upcycled bench. Created by the lovely Dave and Cindy at The Curious Deer in Port Orchard.  Photo credit: Summer Briggs from Snaps.

5. One very rare vintage duel round washtub. I picked this one up at Brimfield.

6. The last house to light for 2015. We do professional holiday lights. 🎄

7. Rusty crows perched on an antique gate.

8. Our little shop on 11th and A. ♥️Brick and Mortar❤️

9. Christmastime in the city. We always go all out for Christmas at the shop.

Thanks for growing with us. Happiest 2016 to you and yours from us and ours.


Garden Bones


garden design for structure


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Garden bones give a landscape permanent structure in every season. The base of all good garden design. Permanent structures could be walkways, arbors, statuary, boulders, pots, evergreens, colorful bark…

Here’s a photo I took at Versailles in February (2008, I think). Versailles is a good example of those formal garden bones. The boxwood with the crushed stone walkways provide structure. Imagine this garden covered in snow. Now think of this garden in high summer with every inch between those boxwoods planted with bright red geraniums. In any season, the bones of this garden are powerful enough to draw viewers to the window from inside. Even enough to distract the indoor visitor away from a gigantic French palace.

Want to chat more about garden bones? Join us tonight (December 14) on Twitter at 6pm pacific time. Look for the hashtag #gardenchat and jump right in.