Antique Bed Frame Garden Upcycle DIY

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We took a few old iron headboards and used them to mask the ugly central air unit. The finished product is planted with vines that will grow in. We chose to only grow vines on the large front-facing frame to keep a safe amount of air circulation available for the unit. Here’s how we installed it:

Garden ideas for masking the AC unit

How to hide the ugly Central Air

Tools for garden bed install


Post hole digger helps with the limited digging space. Mattock helps loosen rocks, loppers for tree roots, hori hori for digging out more rocks, rubber mallet for setting the PVC, level, and hand broom.

PVC feet makes the bed-frame easy to remove.

PVC pipe to set the bed-frames in so the central air unit can be accessed.

We set the two smaller outside headboards in PVC footings. That way the headboards can easily be removed so the central air unit can be serviced.

Garden Headboard DIY

Garden Headboard DIY

Once the headboards were absolutely level, we added cement to the footings. Notice the PVC being cemented in and the headboards can be easily removed.

Antique Bed Frame

Antique Iron Bed Upcycled

Letting the concrete cure overnight. Vines will be planted on the front headboard. This garden install will last forever and add charm to this courtyard garden.


Christy, The Urban Gardener