The 2019 Haul Crawl

2019 Tacoma Haul Crawl

Tacoma Haul Crawl

It’s almost here: The 2019 Tacoma Holiday Haul Crawl.

Come visit The Urban Gardener and all of downtown Tacoma for this 4th annual event. Enjoy store giveaways, restaurant specials, museum activities, photo booths, carriage rides, gift wrapping, carol-oakie, and Santa! AND, parking is free!!! For more details, visit the website by clicking here.

This event is aimed at supporting local small business from Freight-house Square to McMinimans Elks Temple and everywhere in-between. See you Saturday, December 14th from 10am to 8pm.

Professional Holiday Lights by The Urban Gardener

Professional Holiday Lights by The Urban Gardener

Tacoma Holiday Light Installations

It’s Christmas light season at The Urban Gardener. Our downtown Tacoma store will be open Thursdays and Fridays, but we will be closed Thanksgiving and Saturdays for the rest of November. Keep up-to-date with us on Instagram at TacomaUrbanGardener.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

Medusa Halloween Window Display

Our 2019 retail window store front display for Halloween is: Medusa the gardener.

Wouldn’t it make sense that Earthy Medusa would love to garden in her free time? She already has a built in display of stone statues.

Thanks for visiting our special tribute to a powerful woman whom was wronged and completely misunderstood. If you read her back story, I think you’ll find her more charming than spooky.


The Urban Gardener, 1101 A Street, Suite 1, Tacoma, WA 98402

Annual Holiday Open House

2019 Holiday Open House

Holiday Open House at The Urban Gardener

Snacks, discounts, and giveaways await you at our 9th Annual Holiday Open House.

Come welcome the Christmas season with us this November 4th, from 4-7pm. Our wonderful neighborhood will have tons of things happening including Watermark Gifts’ Holiday Open House going on at the same time.

The Urban Gardener, 1101 A Street, Suite 1, Tacoma, WA 98402

Just Listed: Holiday Ornaments

Since it’s only September, I’ll give you to the end of October before I call them Christmas ornaments. 😉


We ship. Check out our website for online ordering: The Urban Gardener Ornaments.

Or, stop by our brick and mortar store in Downtown Tacoma: 1101 A Street, Suite, 1, Tacoma, WA 98402. Our 2019 Christmas Open House will be Monday, November 4th.

Happy Garden Holiday.

Cattle Water Trough Planter for Bees

Confession: I have been recommending these cattle water trough planters to my clients like crazy, but only after I tried one out in my own garden. I took an odd unused space in my alley and added a fun little color spot dedicated to bees.

This water trough in the picture is galvanized and won’t rust any time soon. This one is about five feet long, two feet wide, and two feet tall. I picked it up for $150 from McLendon Hardware.

First step: (after putting on gloves and safety glasses) is to turn over the trough and drill plenty of holes for drainage. It’s not the easiest task, since the galvanized metal is slippery and tough to drill through. I used a ½-inch bit. Be cautious of the sharp metal shavings caused from the drilling. They could cut up bare feet on you, the kiddos, or the pets. I drilled in the driveway where I could easily sweep-up the sharp metal bits. I drilled a total of 24 holes and removed the water drain plug that comes with the trough.

Next: Place your trough in the garden and level it out. I placed a few bricks under, being careful not to block any of the drainage holes.

Soil: Fill with good quality potting soil. My trough took 1-yard to fill and I love the North Country Potting Soil from Carpinito Brothers in Kent. It’s cheaper than by-the-bag and it’s excellent quality. Fill all the way with soil. Don’t even @me about styrofoam peanuts or empty water bottles, those take away valuable root space and cause water to drain too quickly away from your good soil. So, don’t do it!

Plant away: I jam packed my planter with easy to find easy care perennials that bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds love.

6 1-gallon Salvia Sylvestris

6 1-gallon Daylily ‘Stella de Oro’

5 4-inch Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’

5 1-gallon Black-Eyed-Susan (blooms later than pictured giving us blooms into fall)

6 1-gallon Agapanthus ‘Midnight Blue’ (my one splurge and they’re just about to open)

4 1-gallon Hosta ‘Royal Standard’ (probably too much sun, but they were left-overs from a project and I wanted something leafy)

Easy plants to take care of and drought tolerant thanks to plenty of potting soil. I water 2-3 times a week during the hot summer days. I’ve noticed several varieties of bumble bees, honey bees, leaf-cutter bees, wasps, hornets, hoverflies, butterflies, and hummingbirds visiting this little garden.

Have you been growing flowers and/or vegetables in cattle troughs? Comment below.