Christmas Urban Gardener

Oh 2020. You’ve been very naughty. Don’t let the year get you down, treat-yo-self with a lovely new ornament. Shipping available through our website:

Orchid Holiday Ornament
Hyacinth Bulb Holiday Ornament
Amaryllis Bulb Holiday Ornament
Flower Bearded Hipster Santa Holiday Ornament
Cardinal Birdhouse Holiday Ornament

Fall is for… Weeding!

Can any other season in the Pacific Northwest be so beautiful? Fall is my favorite and while it’s gaining good traction as the season for planting, it should also be known as the season of weeding.

Every fall I get tons of emails asking me the question: what can I do to help suppress the weeds???

Fall is for Weeding
Photo by Edson Silva on

As my old boss used to say: “You’ll need to develop a case of ass-and-elbows disease.” Because, when anyone sees you in the garden, ass-and-elbows is what they should see.

Even if you’ve mulched, or planted groundcover, or spread chemicals, or performed a voodoo ritual under the last full moon; weeds are coming to your fall garden. It is the nature of all plants to grow, bloom, and seed as if they are about to die and be gone forever… fall is the season of the seed. Tiny little life-bearers that are carried off by the winds to land right in that freshly mulched garden bed. Yeah, the one you just weeded. The one with fresh warm mulch and plenty of seasonal rain…

So weed! That’s it!

Ass-and-elbows disease
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It’s still a great time to mulch as well. After you weed and water and then weed again, but really good this time. Spread a 2-inch layer of mulch, but keep the mulch away from the base of your plants.

If you’re a Tacoma area local, my favorites in order are:

*Cascade Garden Mulch from Corliss (click here for their website).

*Dark Bark Mulch from Llyod Enterprises (click here for their website).

*Regular Medium Bark Mulch from McClain’s (click here for their website).

My last recommendation is to go treat yourself to some fall pansies and ornamental kales so you have a happy color spot to gaze on while your weeding.

Ass-and-elbows to the sky,

Christy, The Urban Gardener

Vintage Patio Garden

Cleaning and rearranging the store in preparation for a July reopening. We’re taking this opportunity to photograph inventory in the sunshine and show it off a little.
Patio table and 4-chairs $349
Galvanized watering cans $40 each
White watering can $32
Fernery iron plant stand $89
Eyelet dress, size 8 $19
New size 6 women’s pansy Sloggers $25
Guillouard French flower buckets Sm $29/Lg $39
Fruit basket finial $59
Send us a note if your interested and we’ll arrange a time to meet you. Available for pick-up only in downtown Tacoma, Washington at The Urban Gardener. Reopening in July 2020.

Memorial Day Poppies

Flanders Fields from The Royal British Legion
Flanders Fields photo from The Royal British Legion

The common poppy (Papaver rhoeas) became the symbol for Memorial Day during World War I. The honor came after wild meadows were torn to bits from mortar blasts and soil was turned for graves making the perfect growing conditions for the dormant poppy seeds. After the spring rains, the barren fields erupted in red blooms as far as the eye could see, most notably Flanders Fields made popular by the poem written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae. Now, all these years later, we wear a red poppy to honor those lost in war and military service. Thank you to our Armed Services and may we remember those who fought for our freedom.