The Urban Gardener Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone.  Can you tell this is my favorite holiday with some of the shots around the shop?

Witchy Antique Urn

Antique Urn Witch Way

Tail of rat in vintage.

Witches potion ingredients in vintage cloches.


Snakes in vintage.

Halloween vintage witch.

Vintage statuary or witch?

Vintage Halloween

Pumpkins, crows, and vintage urns.

Today’s their last day and everything comes down tomorrow for the big Christmas change-over.  I love my 2012 Witches theme, but I’ve already got something better planed for 2015.  Happy Halloween.


Voting Season

Hey blogging friends, It’s voting season here in the social cyber world.  I’m asking for your votes and I’ll make this quick.

#1. The Chase Mission Main Street Grants awards several small businesses $150,000 to help fund business growth.  What would this grant mean for me?  It would mean I can hire a few full-time employees and grow my shop into bigger better space that would be open more days a week.  It would mean new landscaping equipment and a crew, so I can take on more jobs and I could spend more time designing.  A grant for me would be an investment in my business and community.  I only need 250 voted to be considered.

Vote for me by clicking on the picture below:


#2.  It’s back!  The annual King 5 Best of Western Washington contest. I would be honored to have your vote in the “Best Home and Garden” category.

Here’s the link that will take you to King 5 to vote:


Thanks for your consideration,